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Lettie Blackett (b.1983) is a british figurative artist living and working in London.  She grew up on a farm on the west coast of Scotland where she painted from a young age.


Whilst working as a seamstress in London, she attended an atelier school part time.  Here she was taught to draw and paint from casts and nudes.  These were valuable lessons but she grew frustrated by the attitudes of what was right and what was wrong.  After eight months she decided to leave in pursuit of her own style.  Good draughtsmanship still remains at the core of her work.

Lettie is a passionate traveller.  She has spent six months in Australia, a year in Argentina and ten months in India.  Her most recent trip was a brief three weeks to Myanmar.


Lettie says:


"Getting away to foreign shores is key to keeping my vision fresh.  The everyday can become mundane and blunted when I see it constantly.  New places sharpen the senses with their different sights, smells and sounds.  After being away I can see home again with the curiosity of a traveller."

Artists Statement


I don't go inside my mind to find subjects, I use the world around me.


I'm not trying to do anything clever or shocking; I'm not making any grand statements or commentaries, I'm simply portraying the world as I see it, in paint.  A writer describes the world in words whereas I use paint.

A feeling of a place can be captured by shapes, lines and colour (colour being the most important in my opinion).  The right combination of these lines and colour is at the essence of a scene, it is the framework on which to build.  The more you add, the more detail you get.  However a memory can be stirred with the barest bones.


Once I've chosen a subject and set up my easel, I cease from thinking.  This is when successful painting happens.  The 'middle man' of my mind is cut out and communication only exists between eye and hand.

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